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Born from Clutch Wallet, our merch is more than just fabric and prints…we’re on a mission to bring more women into web 3, and empower them with the knowledge, and tools, to shape the future of this exciting industry.

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All Pre-orders will be shipped from the 14th of March. Please reach out if you have any questions.

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Help us support Ukraine

Put simply, the events unfolding in the Ukraine are tragic.

For the Clutch team, when the news broke, it hit especially hard, and very close to home, as two of our team members, Anna and Oleksii, reside in Kyiv. Having recently fled West to Lviv, they are now helping run medical supplies to the injured, as well as support on-the-ground operations.

Hearing their stories have shaken us to the core.

To help our very own, as well as the people of Ukraine, we are donating 100% of our ‘No To War’ merch profits to Anna and Oleksii, so they can help charities on the ground, as well as support themselves.

Clutch’s Co-Founder, Bec Jones, is also conducting an interview series with Anna on Tik Tok, so she can share her stories about what is happening.

To learn more about our efforts, please click below.





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